Web Container Configuration

The web container in Tasktop Sync serves both the monitoring web UI and the OSLC Linking service. Starting and stopping the web container will start and stop both of those services (though the OSLC Linking service can be configured to be disabled, if desired).

  1. Start Tasktop Sync.
  2. Click on the pull-down menu to the right of the globe icon in the toolbar and select Configure....
  3. Several of the setting combine to form a URL that web browsers and other repositories will use to find the computer where Tasktop Sync is running.

Configure web properties menu option

If you will be using TLS/HTTPS (SSL), there are a few more properties that you need to set.

Note: You should read http://www.eclipse.org/jetty/documentation/current/configuring-ssl.html for information on generating a keystore from your existing certificates or on using keytool to generate self-signed certificates.

The web properties settings page