With the Tasktop Polarion connector, collaborating efficiently with team members is simplified and streamlined. Post comments, attach files and screenshots, share task contexts, and create or navigate associated assets all from within Eclipse.


When useing Tasktop Polarion connector, communicating with your fellow team members is effortless. Without leaving the Eclipse, simply open the Change Request, Defect, Task, or Test Case you wish to comment on and enter your comment in the New Comment section year the bottom of the editor. Pressing submit will post the comment to the Polarion work item and a blue arrow denoting your new comment will appear next the the same asset in fellow team members' Task Lists if using the Tasktop Polarion Connector.


Attachments can be added to Polarion work items simply by dragging and dropping onto the editor. Alternatively, you can expand the Attachments section of the Task Editor and press the Attach butotn. Add a screenshot by expanding the Attachments section of the editor and pressing the Attach Screenshot button.

Sharing Contexts

Once a work item has been activated, the files and web pages associated with it can be shared with fellow team members. Right click on the asset in the Task List and select Context > Attach. To retrieve a context, right click a Polarion work item in the Task List and select Context > Retrieve. Alternatively, you can right click on a context in the Attachments section of the editor and select Retrieve Context.