Managing Tasks

Once you have created a query it will appear in the Task List View. A blue arrow will appear next to tasks that have changed since you last viewed them, and a blue arrow with a question mark will appear next to new tasks. From the Task List you can open a task in the Task Editor.

Task List View

Modifying Tasks

To modify a Bugzilla task, simply open the task in the Task Editor, make your desired changes to the task’s attributes, and click "Submit."

Bugzilla Task Editor

Updating Tasks with Actions

You can easily update several task attributes at once using the Actions section of the Task Editor. From the Actions section, you can change the status of a task, change its resolution, or mark it as a duplicate task by selecting one of the actions and clicking "Submit."

Bugzilla Actions Section

Creating New Tasks

To create a new Bugzilla task open the “New” menu in the Task List view and select “New Task.” In the New Task wizard, select your Bugzilla repository and click “Finish.” This will open a newly created task in the Task Editor. Enter a summary and a description for your task, update any task attributes you want, and click “Submit.” Your new task will now be created on the Bugzilla server.

New Task Wizard