Creating Queries

To create a new query on your Bugzilla repository, visit the Task List View, open the “New” menu, and select “New Query”. The Bugzilla connector provides two ways to specify a query: using a query form, or providing an existing query URL.

New Query Wizard Bugzilla Query Wizard

Creating Queries Using the Query Form

To create a new Bugzilla query using a form, select “Create query using form” and click “Next”. Use the form page to specify your query. You can search for words in tasks' summaries, search by the people related to tasks, such as the owner or reporter, and search by task attributes such as Product or Component. To see more task attributes to search by, click on “More Options”. When you are satisfied with your query, enter a title for it and click "Finish."

Bugzilla Query Form Page

Using an Existing Query URL

If you have already created a query using the Search feature in Bugzilla’s web interface and you wish to use that query with the Bugzilla Connector, select “Create query from existing URL” and click “Next”. Copy and paste the URL for the Bugzilla Search from your web browser into the “Query URL” field of the wizard, give your query a title, and click "Finish."

Bugzilla Query URL Page