Microsoft Team Foundation Server Connector [pre Sync 4.2] - Sync Requirements

Microsoft Team Foundation Server Iteration paths

For Area path and Iteration path attributes, the value is a hierachical path, e.g. “Tasktop\Tasktop Sync\Sprint 7\Iteration 3”. Most other vendors' repositories use individual attributes for the values in the path (e.g. project\product\sprint\iteration"). In such cases, you will probably want to write a Groovy caster to pull apart the iteration path and push it into multiple attributes. You will then need to fuse multiple attributes into one iteration path in the other direction.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server synchronizer.xml Requirements


You should use comment-content-type="text/plain" for Microsoft Team Foundation Server repositories.

Proxy Storage Attribute

The use of the proxyStorageAttribute setting is recommended for Microsoft Team Foundation Server repositories. If not specified, a special hyperlink is stored on TFS work items to store the proxy association.

There are three ways to add work item fields to Team Foundation Server:

We recommend using the Process Editor.

Follow these steps to add the attribute with the Process Editor:

  1. Ensure the Visual Studio Power Tools are installed (Tools -> Process Editor entry will be present)
  2. Open Visual Studio.
  3. Go to Tools -> Process Editor -> Work Item Types -> Open WIT From Server.
  4. Select desired collection, project and type.
  5. In Fields tab, create new String field
  6. (Optional) To see the field in the Team Foundation Server UI, go to Layout tab and add it to the layout.

Opening WIT from Server

Set the proxy storage field writeable to only a specific set of users

The proxy storage attribute field can be configured to be read-only for most users but a certain group. There are two strategies to do this: either a certain user group is granted exclusive permission to write to the field, or a certain user group is forbidden from writing to the field.

Allow only one group to write the proxy storage field
<FieldDefinition name="proxyUrl" refname="proxy.url" type="String">
  <READONLY not="[Global]\Project Collection Administrators" />

This is the field definition that needs to be set in the WorkItemTemplate. To set this up using the Power Tools mentioned above, simply double click the proxy storage field, change to the RULES tab and add a new rule READONLY, with the NOT condition set to the user group you want to have write access.
Setting read-only Rule

Forbid one specific group from writing to the proxy

You can also set the rule to FOR, and enter a specific user group which should not be allowed to write the field (while all other groups are able to). The set up is similar to above, just using the first of the two rule properties (FOR).

<FieldDefinition name="proxyUrl" refname="proxy.url" type="String">
  <READONLY for="[Global]\PROXY_READ_ONLY" />

User permissions required for Tasktop Sync

The user used for Tasktop Sync should have at least the default contributor rights. The recommended permission group is “ProjectAdministrator”.

The following screenshots show the project level and collection level permissions that are recommended. Refer to the TFS help documentation for additional details on permission settings.

Project Level Permissions

Project level permissions

Collection Level Permissions

Collection level permissions