Microsoft Team Foundation Server Queries for Synchronization

With Microsoft Team Foundation Server, if you change a query, you will need to restart Tasktop Sync before the change in the query takes effect.

With most connectors, we recommend that you create named queries on the repository server-side. For Team Foundation Server, that is mandatory; you are not able to create queries using a Tasktop Sync form. You can use the Team Foundation Server Web UI, Visual Studio, or the Eclipse (not Tasktop) Team Foundation Server plug-in. See the appropriate documentation for how to create a query.

Be careful with the name: the name will need to match the name in synchronizer.xml exactly. We recommend you use a name with three parts: “Tasktop Sync”, the repository name, and a description of what is returned, e.g. “Tasktop Sync - Cobra Project TFS - Recently Modified Defects”.