Creating Queries

An existing query in the Team Foundation Server is required before adding a query to the Task List.

Adding Queries Via the Task List

Create a query for the Microsoft Team Foundation Server work items you wish to work with. Click the New drop down in the Task List toolbar and select New Query. Select the Team Foundation Server Repository you wish to query and press Next. Alternatively, right click on your Team Foundation Server repository in the Task Repositories view and select New Query. In the resulting query page, expand the tree until you find the desired query to run. You can later repeat this process to add any number of queries in order to track all the Team Foundation Server work items that are important to you.

New Microsoft Team Foundation Server Query

Adding Queries Directly from Team Explorer Everywhere

Queries can also be added directly to the task list from Team Explorer Everywhere. First, navigate to the Team Explorer view and click on Work Items. Find the query you want to add, then right click on the query, and click Add to Task List. It is not necessary to add the Microsoft Team Foundation Server repository first; one will be created when the query is added.

Add to Task List