IBM Rational Team Concert Connector

The IBM® Rational Team Concert™ Connector brings your Rational Team Concert Workitems and Queries directly into the Mylyn Task List.

Overview of Requirements


To install the Tasktop IBM Rational Team Concert connector:


Step 1 - Configure Rational Team Concert

Team Artifacts View

Step 2 - Configure the Tasktop IBM Rational Team Concert Connector

Create a Task Repository

For each Rational Team Concert repository added in Step 1 above a Task Repository must be created in the Task Repositories view (Window > Show View > Other... Mylyn > Task Repositories)

When entering the configuration information for the new repository, use the follow repository url formats depending on the version of Rational Team Concert you are using:

Repostiory Settings

Advanced: If the server has been configured with a custom OSLC WorkItems Catalog url, you can change the default under the Additional Settings section of the above dialog.

Note that on the Rational Team Concert server, the "Public URI Root" in the section may need to be set for the Root Services document and other service discovery documents in order to provide URLs that work publicly. In Rational Team Concert v3.0 and greater, section may need to be set.