Troubleshooting Guide

I keep getting a message like “Unable to login. Please validate credentials” but I can login on the web. How do I connect?

If you are running HPE QC / ALM on WebLogic or WebSphere, there could be a problem with the server configuration that will interfere with your ability to use the connector. Basic Authentication is enabled by default in WebLogic and WebSphere and intercepts the REST API authentication requests there and needs to be switched off for the application domain. For WebLogic this is done by inserting this parameter


within this section


of the config.xml of the domain that HPE QC / ALM is configured on. Note that this is reflected in the HPE QC / ALM REST APIs help documentation in the general limitations section.

I keep getting a Security Alert dialog about certificate revocation. How do I solve this?

Security Alert

This alert can be disabled by turning off the checks for revoked certificates:
Internet Options

Open the Internet Options and uncheck both Check for publisher's certificate revocation and Check for server certificate revocation. After a restart of the computer, the Security Alert should not happen anymore.