Quick Start for HPE ALI

If you are using SVN and HPE ALI 1.1 or higher, see below to automatically bring tasks source code, and build plans into your workspace. Otherwise, see Connecting to HPE QC / ALM for manual setup instructions.

If your HPE QC / ALM server has ALI 1.1 or higher installed, you can automatically create queries and check out source code for a release. ALI allows you to define links from releases in HPE QC / ALM to projects stored in an SCM repository. Once ALI is configured, the HPE QC / ALM connector can use these links to automatically check out the projects associated with a chosen release (supports SVN only). The HPE QC / ALM Connector can also automatically create queries for the release and add the release plan to your task list (see Task Based Planner for information about the task based planning tools). With ALI 2.x or higher, you can also automatically connect to build plans.

  1. Click File > Import, select Workspace Provisioning > Provision Workspace and click Next.
  2. Select an existing server or add a new one.
    Select a Provisioning Server

Adding a New HPE QC / ALM Server

To connect to a new server, click Add HPE QC / ALM Server. A new dialog opens:
HPE Application Lifecycle Management Repository Settings Page

  1. In the server field, enter the HPE QC / ALM web service URL. For example, http://server.com:8080/qcbin
  2. Choose a label for the repository and enter your credentials. Check the Save password box if you want the password to persist between workbench sessions.
  3. Click Refresh to download the list of domains and projects available on the server, and select the Domain and Project that you would like to connect to (if you already know the Domain and Project, you can just enter the URL in the format http://server:8080/qcbin;Domain;Project). If you want to connect to more than one project, you will have to repeat this process to set up a repository for each one.
  4. Press the Validate Settings button to confirm that the settings are correct.
  5. Press the Finish button

Selecting the Items to Provision

After selecting or adding an HPE QC / ALM server, click Next and select the release you wish to work on. Click Next again. The source code repositories, projects, task queries and build plans associated with the release are displayed as shown below. Uncheck any items you do not wish to have added to your workspace. Click Next to enter credentials if needed. Click Finish to provision your workspace with the chosen items.

Select Items to Provision