Comment Parsing


HPE QC / ALM have a unique approach to comment handling. One (HTML formatted) field is used to store the entire list of comments, separated by: _________________________.
Each of those individual comments follow one of the following formats: userName, date: commentText or userFullName <userName>, date: commentText. (Please note that the second format is shown based on how it displays in the web UI. Internally, the comment is stored with the angle brackets encoded to &lt; and &gt;. If comments are added outside of the UI (via scripting, for example), the encoded format should be used.)

It is important to know that in order for successful comment synchronization, Tasktop Sync makes the following assumptions to be able to parse comments reliably based on the examples above:

Note that user name and user’s full name cannot contain ‘:’, ‘<’, or ‘>’ characters.

Examples of Valid HPE QC / ALM Comments

tasktop, 01/01/1970: test comment

Ulysses User <n02910>, 1/1/1970: test comment

Examples of Invalid HPE QC / ALM Comments

1/1/1970: test comment


tasktop 1/1/1970: test comment

tasktop, 1/1/1970 test comment

Invalid HTML served by HPE QC / ALM

On rare occasions, HPE QC / ALM can send invalid HTML. The most common example is that a comment contains HTML tags which are not closed, or closing tags which are lacking a corresponding opening tag.

Troubleshooting HPE QC / ALM Comment failures

We understand that it can and will happen that users intentionally or accidentally break this implicit HPE QC / ALM comment formatting contract and thus Tasktop Sync will fail to parse comments. Tasktop is collecting data on those failures and is improving comment parsing results constantly.

If a comment parsing error occurs, check for unusual characters and formatting, based on the examples of valid comments above. If there are no obvious issues, please contact and provide us with the full error log entry (which should contain the comment text) and we will investigate further.

Additionally, HPE QC / ALM might return invalid HTML with unclosed tags. Tasktop Sync comment parsing will fail on those occasions and provide enough details to manually fix this in the HPE QC / ALM web UI. Usually the best approach to fix this is to delete the text before and after the unclosed tag (to effectively cause deletion of the faulty tag) and then rewrite that text in the web UI.

Another related issue is formatting information being stripped when HPE QC / ALM comments are synchronized to another system. This often occurs due to HTML tags being inserted in the comment header. This causes the parser to strip all of the tags from the comment in order to differentiate the comment metadata and comment body. Removing the tags in the comment header may cause the formatting to be synced to the other system.

If a failure related to HPE QC / ALM Comment handling occurs, check the error details for further information on which comment caused the problem. Most of the time the issue can be resolved by fixing the comment in the web UI.