HPE Agile Manager


If you have access to multiple Agile Manager workspaces, you must select a workspace when creating a task or query. Queries will run only against the selected workspace; the release, sprint, team, theme and feature fields will only display values that are valid for the selected workspace.

Start Work Command

This command allows a user to set a task to In Progress, assign a task to themselves and activate a task with a single click.

Using the Start Work Command

To use the Start Work command right-click on the task you want to start working on. Select the “Start Work” option. This task will be activated and assigned to you, and if the task is “New” then it will also be set to in progress.


Showing Subtasks Under Defects and User Stories

In order to see subtasks nested under defects and user stories in the task list, you need to enable Advanced Filters -> Show Subtasks Not Matching Query in the task list view menu (the white triangle in the top-right of the task list).