HPE QC / ALM Server Configuration

IDE Customization

Download the HPE QC / ALM IDE Connector Customizer below to customize the Task Editor UI once for all developers using a configuration on the server:

The following can be configured for both requirements and defects:


The connector supports workflow scripts written in JavaScript. If a workflow script is uploaded to HPE QC / ALM, the connector will use the script to control which fields are visible, required, etc. in response to user interaction with the task editor. See Workflow for a sample script and API documentation.

Uploading a JavaScript Workflow Script

To upload a workflow script, you must first install the HPE QC / ALM IDE Connector Customizer as described above. Only a user who is a member of the TDAdmin group in HPE QC / ALM can upload a workflow script.

Once the customizer is installed, you can upload a workflow script by logging in to HPE QC / ALM and going to Tools > Customize..., selecting IDE Connector Customizer in the list on the left and then clicking the Workflow tab at the top. Note: the list on the left also contains an item called Workflow, but this is related to server-side workflow and is not used by the Task Editor.

HPE Workflow

The HPE QC / ALM connector will download the current workflow script from the repository whenever it updates its repository configuration, which happens automatically every day. To force an update, users can open the Task Repositories View (from the Window menu select Window > Show View > Other > Mylyn > Task Repositories), right click on the HPE QC / ALM repository and select Update Repository Configuration.