Queries – Bringing your HPE QC / ALM requirements and defects into the Task List

A query is the primary means to get HPE QC / ALM tasks (Requirements and Defects) into the Task List. To manually add a new query, click the New drop down (the arrow beside the New Task button) in the Task List toolbar, or right click in the Task List view and select New > Query. Choose the HPE QC / ALM repository that you just created when prompted to choose a repository.

New Query Wizard

After you select your HPE QC / ALM repository and click Next, you are presented with a choice of which kind of query to create. You can query Defects or Requirements, by choosing from a list of Favorite queries.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management Query Wizard

Favorite queries are server side queries that can be brought into your personal Task List. Navigate the available queries on the HPE QC / ALM repository and choose the query you wish to include in your task list, then click the Finish button. The query is added to your Task List and matching tasks appear nested under the query.