With the HPE QC / ALM connector, collaborating efficiently with team members is simplified and streamlined. Post comments, attach files and screenshots and share task contexts all from within Eclipse.

The Basics

Tasks can be edited by changing the task attributes in the Task Editor. In the attributes section, you can update attributes for HPE QC / ALM Defects and Requirements. You can also update the defined Memo fields which are in their own sections. Once you are done editing a task, you can save it offline by clicking the save button in the toolbar or using Ctrl+S. Saving a task offline will not submit your changes to the server and you will see your changes the next time that you open the task and you can submit them when you are ready. You can also submit your changes directly to the HPE QC / ALM server by clicking the submit button in the Task Editor toolbar, the Actions section of the Task Editor or by using Alt+S. When you submit your changes, any fields that you updated will be sent to the HPE QC / ALM server and if successful, others will be able to see the changes that you have made. Changes made by others (either from the Task Editor or the Web UI) will be shown in the Task Editor the next time that the editor is opened or a scheduled query synchronization runs.


When using the HPE QC / ALM connector, communicating with your fellow team members is effortless. Simply open the Defect or Requirement you wish to comment on and enter your comment in the Comments section near the bottom of the editor. Pressing ‘Add Comment’ will post the comment to the task so that your fellow team members can view it and respond.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management Comments Section


Attachments can be added to HPE QC / ALM tasks simply by dragging and dropping a file onto the Task Editor. Alternatively, you can expand the Attachments section of the Task Editor and press the Attach button. Add a screenshot by expanding the Attachments section of the editor and pressing the Attach Screenshot button.

HPE Application Lifecycle Management Attachments Section

Sharing Contexts

Once a task (Requirement or Defect) has been activated, the files and web pages associated with it can be shared with fellow team members. Right click on the item in the Task List and select Context > Attach. To retrieve a context that was attached by somebody else, click on the ‘Context’ tab on the bottom of the Task Editor, then select ‘Retrieve Context’. Alternatively, you can right click on a context in the Attachments section of the editor and select Retrieve Context.