Overview of System Requirements


See the server configuration guide for information on how the HPE QC / ALM administrator can customize the user experience on the connector.

Before Installing

To ensure that you can connect to HPE QC / ALM from Eclipse, you must perform one of the following steps before attempting to create a connection:

Installing the HPE Connector into Eclipse

The connector can be installed 2 different ways: via Connector Discovery or using an update site URL. If you are already using Tasktop or Eclipse with Mylyn installed, you can install the connector using the simplified Connector Discovery method. You can also install the connector by using the traditional update site install method in Eclipse.

Installing the HPE Connector via Connector Discovery (Recommended)

You can add the connector from either your Eclipse IDE or standalone Tasktop application, by using the connector discovery utility. If you have Tasktop installed, you can access it by clicking on the Tasktop icon on the top menu, then select ‘Install Connectors and Updates’.

Tasktop menu

If you do not have Tasktop installed, but have Mylyn installed, you can access the connector discovery utility via the new query wizard.

New Repository Wizard

If you have neither installed, please follow the instructions below on how to install from an update site.

Select ‘HPE QC / ALM’ and click ‘Install Connectors’.

Connector Installation page

Installing the HPE Connector via update site

Please follow the instructions below for your Eclipse version. When selecting the feature, please select only “Tasktop Connector for HPE QC / ALM”. Note that Tasktop Enterprise features will be installed along with the HPE QC / ALM Connector.

Your update site URL:


See our uninstallation guide