Installing Tasktop Dev

Installing the Tasktop Dev plug-ins for Eclipse 3.5 Galileo

The Tasktop Dev update site to use is Copy this url to the clipboard as it will be required during the following installation steps.

Tip: Looking for the uninstallation instructions?

  1. Selection Help > Install New Software....

  2. Install

  3. Add the Tasktop Dev update site url.

    Add as Tasktop Dev update site url

  4. Select the added site from the drop down.  If not immediately available in the list, cancel and re-open Help > Install New Software....

  5. Select the added site

  6. From the available features to install, just select Tasktop Dev Pro under the Tasktop Dev Pro category.
  7. Note: If you want additional integrations, select as appropriate from the other categories on the Tasktop Dev update site (i.e. if you use Eclipse IDE for Java Developers, also select the Mylyn Bridge: Java Development and Mylyn Bridge: Team Support from the Tasktop Mylyn Integrations category).

    Select Tasktop Dev Pro

  8. After installation completes, you are presented with a choice of applying the changes or restarting.  At this point you must restart. Press the Yes button.

  9. restart after install

After installation you can begin to explore Tasktop Dev. See the Tasktop Dev User Guide.

Having difficulties installing?  Please see the Tasktop Dev Installation FAQ.