IMAP Integration (advanced)

Your Tasktop Dev supports creation of email tasks from IMAP email accounts. To get started, create a folder in your IMAP account using your standard email client naming it "Tasks" for example. To create a task from an email, move or copy an email into the newly created "Tasks" folder using your email client. Once the one time configuration steps are completed below, dragging email into the "Tasks" folder in your email client will be all that is necessary to have the email appear as a task in your Tasktop Dev.

IMAP email configuration

  1. Open the Task Repositories view (Task List view menu > Show Task Repositories View)
  2. Right click within the view and select "Add Task Repository"
  3. Select "Generic IMAP (Advanced)"
  4. Enter your IMAP repository settings in the resulting dialog, press the Validate button to ensure they are correct, and press Finish
  5. Create a query in the Task List. This query will being in your IMAP email messages form a specific folder ("Tasks" for example). Right click in the Task List and select New > Query. Choose to query over the IMAP Repository you created in step (4)
  6. Specify the label for your query (i.e. Imap Tasks) and the select the folder your email tasks should be created from ("Tasks" if you're following along with our example)

Upon synchronization, any email you now place in the "Tasks" folder using your email/IMAP client will now be synchronized to the "Imap Tasks" query in your Task list. You can now work with these email tasks just as you would any other task i.e. activating to build up context.