Google Integration

Google Calendar Configuration

Task Synchronization

  1. Switch to the Configuration Perspective. Double click Google Calendar in the Calendars view to open Google calendar configuration properties.
  2. Under Credentials, enter your Google account id (including the and password (a functioning Google account is required before proceeding). Press the Refresh Calendars button to retrieve a listing of your Google calendars.
  3. Beneath the Credentials group is the Synchronize Tasks To group. This group controls synchronization of tasks from your Tasktop Dev Task List to the selected calendar. Start by placing a check mark in the box next to the calendar you wish to synchronize your tasks to.
  4. Directly below calendar selection within this same group are two check boxes:

In order for tasks in your Task List to be synchronized to the calendars you chose in step 3, at least one of these two options must be selected. You may choose to synchronize tasks with only a due date set, only a scheduled date set, or both.

Tasks will now be synchronized with your Google calendars.

Upcoming Events

The Tasktop Dev Agenda displays upcoming events and tasks from your configured calendars. To configure display of events from your Google calendars perform the following steps:

  1. Double click Google Calendar in the Calendars view to open Google calendar configuration page.
  2. Within the Retrieve Upcoming Events group, choose the calendars you wish to see events for.

Tasks and Events from the selected Google calendars will now appear in the Agenda.


Gmail Email Task Configuration

To get started creating tasks from your Gmail messages, first open the browser to your Gmail account. Locate an email you would like to track as a task in Tasktop Dev and give it a special label, "Task" for example. If this label does not already exists you will need to choose the New label.. option and enter Task for the label name.

The next step is to configure Tasktop Dev to synchronize all Gmail messages with the Task label to your Task List. To do so will require a one time setup of a Gmail task repository within Tasktop Dev and addition of a special Gmail query to your Task List.

Open the Task Repositories view located in the top left corner of the Tasktop Dev Configuration perspective. Within the Task Repositories view toolbar, click the Add Task Repository button and choose the Gmail option:

With your Gmail task repository configured, create a Gmail query (right click in the Task List and select New.. > Query, Gmail), give it a name and choose the label previously applied to the email message (i.e. Task).


The Gmail message you previously tagged will appear as a task in your Task List under the Gmail query you just created. Now you are free to open, review, schedule and plan your Gmail tasks along with all your others.

Tip: You can easily create a new task for yourself from any web enabled device using Gmail's email filter/labelling.  Configure a Gmail filter to automatically apply the "Task" label to any email received with a subject that starts with "task:". Then send yourself an email with "task: take out the garbage" in the subject from any web enabled device (i.e. a cell phone) and upon synchronizing, your Tasktop Dev will have this new task in the task list when you next open Tasktop Dev!

Creating Labels for Tasks

Rather than turning emails into tasks in your task list, it often makes sense to associate emails with existing tasks (which may or may not have been created from an email). To allow you to do this, Tasktop Dev can create a Gmail label for each task you activate. You can then associate emails with the active task by adding them to its label, and "focus" your Gmail inbox on a task by viewing the task's label.

To enable this option for a particular Gmail account, open the Gmail repository properites (select Window > Show View > Other > Mylyn > Task Repositories to open the Task Repositories view and double click a Gmail repository), and under Additional Settings, check "Create a label for the active task."

When you activate a task in Tasktop Dev, a label will be created in all configured Gmail accounts with the ID and summary of the task. The label for the active task will be prefixed with a bullet and will appear at the top of the list of labels as shown:

If an email is relevant to the task you are working on, you can add it to the task's label so it will be easy to find it the next time you work on the task:

When you deactivate a task, if you did not add any messages to the label, the label will simply be deleted so as not to create clutter. Otherwise, the label will be nested under a special ".Tasktop" label which is sorted to the end of the list of labels so that it will be out of the way:

The next time you activate the task, the label will move back to the top of the list of labels as shown above. Changes made to the labels by Tasktop Dev may not be immediately visible; in that case just click the refresh button above the list of messages in Gmail to update the page with the changes.