The Agenda is a compact overview of your weekly schedule of tasks and events drawn from your Task List, Google, and Outlook calendars. To open the Agenda, click the button or nearby hyperlink in the lower right corner of the Tasktop Dev application window. Along with the scheduled tasks, the Agenda also includes an interactive calendar to aid planning. To configure calendar synchronization, click the Configure... link in the bottom right of the popup and follow the instructions outlined in the Google or Outlook configuration pages.

Once configured and a synchronization has occurred (manually initiate event synchronization by pressing the Refresh Events hyperlink), the Tasks you have scheduled or have set due dates for and any events from your chosen calendars will be present in the Agenda view.  Clicking on events within the Agenda will either result in the task opening in the task editor or events opening in their associated calendar. Changes you make when within the calendar will be reflected in the Agenda.  Rescheduling a task in your Google calendar will result in the task being rescheduled in your Task List and will be updated in the Agenda. Likewise, when a task's schedule or due date changes in the task list, these changes will propagate to the synchronized calendars

Use the links provided on the right column of the popup to open your Google or Outlook calendars within Tasktop Dev.

To view your agenda in further detail, press the Show All button in the lower left corner of the popup to reveal the This Week's Events page.