Tasktop Dev Migration and Backup

Migrating to a New Computer

Use the following steps to migrate an existing Tasktop Dev installation to to a different computer. Note that this procedure works for Tasktop Dev Pro.

  1. Copy the Tasktop Data Directory from the original computer (see Locating Tasktop Dev's Data Directory)
  2. Install Tasktop Dev on the target computer
  3. Paste the Tasktop Data Directory copied in step 1 to the same location on the new computer, overwriting the existing Tasktop data directory
  4. Start Tasktop Dev and your Task List and all preferences will now match the state from the original computer
  5. Re-link folders as necessary

Migrating Tasktop Dev with Outlook to a New Computer

If you use Outlook Tasks or Outlook Email Tasks, follow these steps during migration to retain data consistency between Tasktop Dev and Outlook.  These steps should be used as an alternative to Outlook's import/export wizard which corrupts data consistency between Tasktop Dev and Outlook.

  1. Copy all .pst files in your Outlook data directory (see typical data folders listed below)
  2. Paste all .pst files into your new computer's Outlook data directory.

Typical data directories for Outlook:

Windows Vista C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

Locating Tasktop Dev's Data Directory

Determining the location of Tasktop Dev's Data Directory is necessary when migrating to a new computer.  To locate the directory on your machine, lookup the default data directory for your system in the Directory Table below.  If you have customized the data directory location the customized path can be found in the Task List menu > Preferences > Advanced.

Directory Table: Platform specific default Tasktop Dev Task Data directories

Windows Vista C:/Documents and Settings/<username>/Roaming/AppData/Tasktop
Windows XP C:/Documents and Settings/<username>/Application Data/Tasktop
Mac /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Tasktop and /Users/<username>/.keyring*
Linux /home/<username>/.tasktop

*Mac: the directory and the .keyring file are necessarily in different locations.  Copy both files when migrating.

Relinking Folders

When migrating, if you had any linked folders on your old Tasktop Dev, you will need to relink them so that Tasktop Dev can find files in the context when restarting a task from the old installation.  If you linked Desktop in your old Tasktop Dev you will need to relink it in the new Tasktop Dev, by following these steps.  To determine which folders you have linked in your old Tasktop Dev go to the Navigator View and look under Folders.  In the example below the user has linked the Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folders.


Uninstalling Tasktop Dev

Uninstalling the Tasktop Dev application

  1. Close Tasktop Dev (File > Exit)
  2. From the Windows Start menu navigate to Programs > Tasktop and launch the Uninstall application

  3. Press the Uninstall button and the Tasktop Dev program components will then be removed.
  4. After removal you are given the option to either reboot  your computer now or later. We recommend closing all open applications and rebooting now.