This document explains how to connect to supported versions of Zendesk® using Tasktop’s Zendesk Connector.

Connecting to the Zendesk Repository

To connect to Zendesk a connection must be configured via the Task Repositories view as follows:

Add Task Repository menu option

Select new connection repository type

Specify connection settings

Zendesk Connector Limitations

Ticket Field Limitations

The Zendesk connector does not support the following ticket attributes:

The following custom ticket field types are not supported:

Other field limitations:

Zendesk Repository Query Rate Limits

Zendesk repositories are limited to accept only a certain amount of requests from the connector within a given period. For example, each ticket can be only updated 15 times every 10 minutes.


Zendesk is a registered trademark of Zendesk. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.