This document explains how to connect to supported versions of IBM Rational Team Concert™ using Tasktop’s IBM Rational Team Concert Connector.

Creating a IBM Rational Team Concert User for the Connector

Before creating a connection to the IBM Rational Team Concert repository, a user with the necessary permissions must be created if one does not exist already. Follow the steps below to create a user with the necessary permissions for use with the connector:

Create User

Specify work item permissions

Assign Process Role

Connecting to an IBM Rational Team Concert Repository

To connect to IBM Rational Team Concert, a connection must be configured via the Task Repositories view as follows:

Add Task Repository menu option

Select new connection repository type

Specify connection settings

JazzHub users will need to create a repository for each node in which they have projects hosted.

Creating Queries for IBM Rational Team Concert

The IBM Rational Team Concert connector has two available types of queries. Project and Type queries search for artifacts based on specified type in the specified project. Query queries search for artifacts of the specified predefined query types.

To create a query:

Choose query type

Specify the details of the query

Configuration Requirements

User Permissions

For the Rational Team Concert connector to function properly, the user used for authentication must have the following permissions on this project:

Non-English installations and the “Unassigned” user

In Rational Team Concert, the user id (and name) of the “Unassigned” user is localized, and it’s not linked to the Jazz Team Server. This means, if the installation is not in English, the “Unassigned” user is named differently (e.g. “Nicht Zugewiesen” in a German installation).
Due to API limitations, a person field, like assignee, that is set to “unassigned” will have the localized value set. For the connector to know that in fact this localized value semantically equals “value not set”, any non-English installation needs to provide the localized “Unassigned” user ID in the repository settings:
Specify the localized "Unassigned" user id

By default the “Unassigned” user ID is the same as the label appearing in the web UI, but it is possible for an administrator to change the display name. If that happened, paste the following URL into a browser and find the userId HTML element:
https://[Url]/service/com.ibm.team.repository.service.internal.IAdminRestService/contributors?searchTerm=[unassigned user name displayed in web UI]
Make sure to replace the elements [Url] and [unassigned user name displayed in webUI] with the appropriate values.

See the Creating an IBM Rational Team Concert User for the Connector section for details on how to grant the appropriate permissions.

Many link types in Rational Team Concert are used for linking to artifacts in other OSLC providers. The Rational Team Concert connector supports these link types with weblink fields that allow the reading and writing of URLs.

Although the connector allows writing ANY URLs to these fields the Rational Team Concert UI does not (though it will display them correctly). Adhering to the intended semantics of these fields is strongly encouraged to ensure compatibility with future versions of Rational Team Concert and the connector. Only write to these fields with links to participating OSLC “friends” of a Rational Team Concert instance.

The “Related Artifacts” link type is exceptional and may be used for writing arbitrary URLs. It is the only link type where the Rational Team Concert UI allows any type of URL value.


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