This document explains how to connect to supported versions of Atlassian JIRA® using Tasktop’s Atlassian JIRA Connector.

Connecting to a JIRA Repository

To connect to JIRA a connection must be configured via the Task Repositories view as follows:

Add Task Repository menu option

Select new connection repository type

Specify connection settings

Jira Zephyr Plugin support

Jira Zephyr augments JIRA capabilities with cost-effective and sophisticated test management.

Tasktop’s Atlassian JIRA Connector provides support for Zephyr ‘Test’ and ‘Test Execution’ artifacts.

Requirements * The Zephyr Jira Add-On is installed and licensed * For ‘Test Execution’ support: ** The ZAPI Add-On is installed and licensed ** Tasktop repository settings are set with a user with permissions to use the Zephyr API (ZAPI)

The ‘Test Execution’ artifact type is only visible if the above requirements are met and the associated project has the ‘Test’ type enabled.


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