Working with Tasks and Queries

Queries – Bringing your artifacts into the Task List

A query is the primary means to get artifacts from your repository into the Task List. To manually add a new query, click the New drop down (the arrow beside the New Task button) in the Task List toolbar, or right click in the Task List view and select New > Query. In Visual Studio, you can click the New Query button in the Task List toolbar.

When prompted, choose a repository to query. After you select your repository and click Next, you are presented with a choice of which kind of query to create. Select a query type and click Next again, and then choose the query parameters. The query is added to your Task List and matching tasks appear nested under the query.

Task List

You view your tasks (e.g. Requirements, Defects, Epics, Tests, etc.) in a dedicated, personalized Task List. Blue arrows appear in the Task List next to tasks with new (unread) information, such as a comment or a modification to the task made by a teammate.

Task List

Tasks with new comments that mention you will be marked with a gold person icon. Go to Preferences > Tasktop > Comment Identification to set the name(s) that others use to address you.

Double clicking on a task opens the task in a rich Task Editor.

You can also create and edit a new task from the Task List by clicking the New Task button or by right-clicking in your Task List view and selecting New > Task.

Task Editor

The Task Editor allows you to specify the summary and description of your tasks, lets you enter and modify various task attributes, keep private notes about the task, and post comments for your teammates.

As shown below, the task editor contains several different sections depending on which connector you are using:

Task Editor