CA Agile Planning and CA Clarity Requirements Connector

This section describes how to connect to supported versions of CA Agile Planning and CA Clarity Requirements using Tasktop’s connector.

CA Repository Configuration Requirements

This section describes changes to the CA repository that are needed to allow synchronization.

Associations Field

The associations field is required for Tasktop Sync to create an association between two synchronizing tasks. CA objects (e.g. User Story, Issue) do not contain an association field by default. Each CA object synchronized in Tasktop Sync, requires a custom associations field to allow task synchronization.

To create and enable the proxy association field in CA:
1.) Sign into the CA repository with a System Administrator profile
2.) Click the Setup link in the top right corner
3.) Navigate down the far left pane to the App Setup section, select Create then Objects to view the list of objects

CA Vision objects list

4.) Navigate through the list of objects to find the object that will be synchronized (e.g. User Story, Requirement) and click on the object label to view the object
5.) Scroll down until the Custom Fields & Relationships section appears and click the New button found at the top of the section to open the New Custom Field page

New object button

6.) Scroll down to the Text data type and select the radio button then click next
7.) Fill out the Field Label with a name similar to TasktopSyncProxy ( NOTE: this name is required for the synchronizer.xml file configuration, see the CA Synchronizer.xml Requirements for more information), next enter 250 for the Length field then click next, next and save

New Custom Field editor

8.) Navigate back by clicking CA Vision Products tab, usually found on the left side of the tab bar
9.) Hover over Administration, select Custom Attributes, choose the product and object to be synchronized and click Enable Attribute, then select the custom proxy field from the drop-down list then click Save and Close

Enable attribute page

CA Connecting to the Repository

Connecting to a CA repository requires a System Administrator profile with a security token. For more information about security tokens see the Salesforce help documentation. When entering credentials for the repository connector, the security token must be appended to the end of your password with no spaces or characters between the password and security token (e.g. PasswordN0tArE4LT0kEn3Jh3K).

CA Queries

Queries for the CA connector can only be constructed within Tasktop Sync utilizing the form queries option. Currently, relative dates are not supported so care should be taken when scoping queries so that the changes query does not become too large over time.

CA Synchronizer.xml Requirements

This section describes unique and notable synchronizer.xml configuration requirements for the CA connector.


Required Fields for User Stories, Issues, Requirements and Tasks

Summary and the proxy association field are both required fields to synchronize with CA for User Stories, Issues, Requirements and Tasks.


The summary can be mapped through the Attribute Mapping view or by starting your synchronizer configuration using Quick Start.

Proxy Association Storage Attribute

To map the custom association field created in CA, specify the proxyStorageAttribute in synchronizer.xml in the repository element. If custom field has not been created for the proxy storage attribute in CA, refer to the @CA Repository Configuration Requirements section for more information. The property value for the proxyStorageAttribute uses the API Name for the custom proxy association field created in CA. The API Name is the Field Name of the custom field with “__c” appended to the end (e.g. Field Name: customName API Name: customName__c). If custom association field was named TasktopSyncProxy, the association property added to the repository element will be the same as the example below.

<proxy-storage-attribute id="TasktopSyncProxy__c" />

Required Fields for Test Cases

Synchronizing Test Case is unidirectional from HPE Quality Center (QC)/Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to CA only. The following sections contain all required fields and examples of how they can be mapped in the synchronizer.xml file. The example mappings below are for reference only as some attributes names/labels may not be the same for your repository. It is recommended that these fields be mapped from the Attribute Mapping view.


	<attribute id="TS_NAME" strategy="ignore"/>
	<attribute id="task.common.summary"/>

Test ID

	<attribute id="TS_TEST_ID" strategy="ignore"/>
	<attribute id="****__Test_Id__c"/>

The **** value will change depending on your CA repository, this value will be generated automatically when using the Attribute Mapping editor

QC Project Name

The HPE QC/ALM connector requires that the project be specified for synchronization. For that reason, QC Project Name is synchronized using a literal caster with the name of the HPE QC/ALM project. The project name can be viewed from the HPE QC/ALM web UI or from the repository URL. For example, if your HPE QC/ALM repository URL is http://some.url/qcbin;The_Domain;The_Project, the literal caster will look like the example below.

	<attribute caster="''" strategy="ignore"/>
	<attribute id="" caster="'The_Project'"/>

QC Folder Hierarchy

	<attribute id="TS_SUBJECT" strategy="ignore"/>
	<attribute id=""/>

Note: the folder hierarchy attribute in HPE QC/ALM is called Subject

Proxy Association Storage Attribute

The proxy association field for Test Case is the same as any CA object and can be specified by adding the following property to the repository element in the synchronizer.xml file. If you have not yet created a custom field for the proxy storage attribute in CA, refer to the CA Repository Configuration Requirements section for more information.

<proxy-storage-attribute id="TasktopSyncProxy__c" />

CA Known Limitations

Tasktop Sync supports one way Requirements sync only

Tasktop Sync only supports unidirectional attribute mappings for syncing from CA Requirements. This means it is possible to synchronize changes made in CA Requirements into an outside repository, but it is not possible to synchronize changes from an outside repository into CA Requirements. It is recommended that the Attribute Mapping editor is used to specify attribute mappings as unidirectional.

System Administrator credentials are required

The CA repository in Tasktop Sync must use System Administrator credentials to allow Sync to perform all operations required by CA.

Syncing Test ID for Test Case

If you are experiencing problems syncing Test ID from HPE QC/ALM to CA, a workaround is to sync Task Key (Tasktop) from HPE to TestId in CA.