Unable to log in with correct user name and password

If you're certain that your user name and password is correct, but you're still unable to log in, you may be missing a security token. In some circumstances, a security token is required to make API calls like those used by the connector. For more information on security tokens, see the Salesforce help documentation. Once you've obtained your security token, append it to the end of your password. For example, if your password is "password" and your security token is "123abc", you should enter "password123abc" in the password field.

Problems switching user names

If you're encountering errors when switching between users, try deleting the existing repository and creating a new one.

Known Limitations

Product-specific custom attributes visible for all products

In CA Agile Planning and CA Clarity Requirements, a custom attribute can be added and its visibility limited to a specific product. Those custom attributes will be visible on all products when accessed through the connector.

Re-opening a deleted task may cause an exception

Once a task has been deleted from your task list, you may encounter an exception if you attempt to re-open the task from an existing reference (for example, from the links section of its parent). The task will need to be retrieved from the repository again before it can be viewed.

Deleting an object will not delete its children

When an object with children is deleted from the task list, its children will remain on the task list. They can be deleted from the task list directly to remove them.

Newly created children shown in the Unmatched category

Child tasks usually appear in a hierarchy under their parent in the task list. When the new subtask action is used, the newly created task will initially appear in the Unmatched section of the task list. It will appear under its parent after the next repository synchronization.

Owners cannot be set when creating a user story, issue, or task

When creating a new user story, issue or task, no users can be entered as owners. Once you submit the new object, you will be able to set owners.

Non-required custom fields cannot be set on task creation

When creating a new user story, issue or task, non-required custom fields cannot be set. Once the new task has been submitted, you will be able to set the custom fields using the Task Editor.