Synchronizing Borland StarTeam with HPE QC / ALM [pre Sync 3.5]

Task mapping

When synchronizing between Borland StarTeam and HPE QC / ALM repositories, this task-mapping should be used:

    <task-mapping conflict-notification-policy="Comment">

If comments are not desired for conflict notification, "Log" can be used instead.


HPE QC / ALM Borland StarTeam

Text Conversion

HPE QC / ALM can display rich text, but Borland StarTeam cannot. To ensure that text is legible in both repositories, a rich text caster should be used. For description synchronization, it is recommended to use this mapping:

				<attribute id="task.common.description" caster="html-to-textile"/> <!-- StarTeam -->
				<attribute id="task.common.description" caster="textile-to-html"/> <!-- HP ALM/QC -->

Textile is a wiki markup language that does a reasonable job of conveying rich text intentions in plain text.


Dates do not need a date caster when synchronizing between HPE QC / ALM and Atlassian JIRA. Here are some examples of dates:

HPE QC / ALM Borland StarTeam

Value-mapped attributes

There are several important attributes which do not map directly across from one repository to another, with severity and priority being the most obvious ones.

StarTeam has only 3 values for severity, so it is recommended to use a mapping similar to this:

HPE QC / ALM’s BG_SEVERITY Borland StarTeam’s Severity
5-Urgent 2
4-Very High 2
3-High 1
2-Medium 1
1-Low 0

StarTeam has only three values for priority, 101 (Unassigned), 0 (No), 1 (Yes), so it is recommended to use a mapping similar to this:

|HPE QC / ALM’s BG_PRIORITY|Borland StarTeam’s task.common.priority

5-Urgent 1
4-Very High 1
3-High 1
2-Medium 0
1-Low 0
Unassigned 101

Person mapping

Person mapping needs a person caster.

Common attributes using a person caster include:

HPE QC / ALM Borland StarTeam
BG_RESPONSIBLE task.common.user.assigned


The conversion between HTML and textile may not be perfect. In some cases, formatting of text may not be consistent between the repositories.