Borland StarTeam Connector

Installation requirements

To use the Borland StarTeam connector with Tasktop Sync you will need to get the Borland StarTeam connector distribution from a Tasktop Sales Engineer. Download this zip file to a convenient location on the installation server. You will be prompted for it in the installation process.

Borland StarTeam Queries

Queries are always stored on the server, but you can create queries on either via Web client or using the form on Tasktop Sync.
Queries are only able to return one task type, but you can run that query on any combination of projects.

Queries can return all assignable types. As delivered, Borland StarTeam has these assignable types: tasks, change requests, requirements, and stories.

Borland StarTeam Repository requirements

The Borland StarTeam repository login credentials used by Tasktop Sync must have Administrator credentials.

MPX (Push)

It is not possible to run a query with StarTeam for which tasks have changed, so all tasks need to be returned and examined for changes. However, StarTeam has a “push” feature called MPX. After you run a query once, then MPX will push changes to Tasktop Sync, so queries are in theory not needed. (We recommend setting default-query-interval-minutes to something large like 60, just to be safe.) MPX propagates changes extremely quickly.

To use MPX, you will need to check the MPX box when you create the repository connection:

Borland StarTeam Repository Settings page

Borland StarTeam synchronizer.xml requirements

Required attributes and properties

Additional repository scope fields:

The Synopsis field is mandatory.

Summary is a derived attribute. It is the first line of the Synopsis attribute, which is mandatory. This means that you cannot create the Summary attribute directly.


You should set comment-content-type for Borland StarTeam repositories to “text/plain”.


If you are using the Borland StarTeam Web UI, you will probably not notice synchronizations immediately. You should press F5 to see the changes.