Accessing Change Requests, Stories, and Tasks


Your StarTeam items can be interacted with directly within the integrated Task List. First, create a query for the StarTeam items you wish to view in your Task List. Click the New drop down in the Task List toolbar and select New Query. Select the Borland StarTeam repository you wish to query and press Next. On the query type selection page, choose the "Create from server query" option. On the resulting query page select a project and one or more releases. Select the item type (Change Request, Story, Task) to query for, and select a server stored query. Finally, name your query and press Finish. You can later repeat this process to add any number of queries in order to track all the StarTeam items that are important to you.

Custom Queries

The Borland StarTeam connector also allows you to create custom queries. To do so, create another new query, but in the query type selection page make sure you chose "Create new custom query". The following page allows you to define any number of logical operations with constraints on various properties. Once you are satisfied with the query definition, click Next. Your query will be saved to the server and will be automatically selected. You can then proceed as you would when creating a query from a server stored query.


Once the query has time to synchronize with the Borland StarTeam repository, a number of tasks should appear in your Task List.

Blue arrows appear in the Task List next to StarTeam items with new (unread) information. Double click to view the new information in a rich editor. Note that changed attributes are highlighted in blue. Make changes to your StarTeam items within this rich editor:

Once you've made the desired changes, press the Submit button (located bottom left in the editor and top right in the editor toolbar). The changes will be submitted to the Borland StarTeam repository and a blue arrow will appear in your team members' Task Lists indicating that a new change has been made.

Task Search

Users can also search for tasks without needing to bring them into their Task List. Invoke the Eclipse Search dialog by selecting it from the Search menu or by pressing Control-H. Select the Task Search tab in the resulting dialog, then select your Borland StarTeam repository from the Repository combo. Select one or more projects and an item type to find all tasks that match. Optionally, you may provide an item ID if you are looking for a particular task. All results will appear in the Search view.