Synchronizing Atlassian JIRA [pre Sync 3.5] with HPE QC / ALM [pre Sync 3.5]

Task mapping

When synchronizing between Atlassian JIRA and HPE QC / ALM repositories, it is recommended to use this task mapping:

    <task-mapping conflict-notification-policy="Log">

Most of the attributes in HPE QC / ALM repositories and in JIRA repositories can be mapped using task IDs instead of keys, including:

Rich Text Conversion

HPE QC / ALM and Atlassian JIRA both can display rich text, but HPE QC / ALM stores the text in HTML format; Atlassian JIRA stores it in Confluence (wiki-style markup). To ensure that text is legible in both repositories, a rich text caster should be used. For example:

				<attribute id="task.common.description" caster="html-to-confluence"/> <-- JIRA -->
				<attribute id="BG_DESCRIPTION" caster="confluence-to-html"/> <!-- HPE QC/ALM -->


Dates do not need a date caster when synchronizing between HPE QC / ALM and Atlassian JIRA. Here are some examples of dates:

HPE QC / ALM Atlassian JIRA
BG_CLOSING_DATE attribute.jira.due

Value-mapped attributes

There are several important attributes which do not map directly across from one repository to another, with severity and priority being the most obvious ones.

The priority values in JIRA are stored as numbers (e.g. “5”), even though they display as values (e.g. “Trivial”).

Note that the order of urgency is reversed: critical values in HPE QC / ALM tasks are numerically high, while in Atlassian JIRA tasks, they are numerically low. Additionally, HPE QC / ALM’s notion of Severity aligns with JIRA’s notion of priority; JIRA does not have a field with the same notion as HPE QC / ALM’s priority field.

It is recommended to use a mapping similar to this:

HPE QC / ALM’s BG_SEVERITY JIRA’s task.common.priority
5-Urgent 1
4-Very High 2
3-High 3
2-Medium 4
1-Low 5

Person mapping

Person mapping needs a person caster.